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The Hurtta Body Warmer

I absolutely love this Hurtta Body Warmer! It is such good quality. Designed primarily, for the muscle maintenance of active dog’s, by warming the muscles before exercise and providing extra warmth to dogs during outdoor walks in chilly weather. The body warmer’s material is a soft, flexible tricot fabric with a smooth inner surface and is commonly used as a technical sports material. It is a foil-like lining that reflects heat and stimulates blood circulation efficiently before and after training. It has an adjustable belt and collar cord. Reflectors on the seams make the dog more visible in the dark. This lightweight warmer is a perfect fit for winter walks for short-haired dogs and/or dogs with no undercoat that need the extra warmth. It is also useful in the muscle maintenance of elderly dogs, such as Molly, or those undergoing rehabilitation. Comes with a handy drawstring pouch to pop the warmer in once your dog has warmed up! 🙂
Limited sizes available.