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January Sale!

Our January Clearance Sale is in full swing. Lots of quality products on offer at reduced prices! For example, The American Kennel Club Calming Coat for dogs. Was £23.00, now £20.00. (Sizes Small and X-Small only). PET HEAD Knot Detangler 180g, only £7.00. Wahl Showman Detangler Spray 500ml, only £6.50. The Company of Animals CLIX Treat Bag, now only £5.00!

This is just a small selection! Have a look at the Shop at for loads more bargains!

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Snuffle Mat Heaven!

Introducing our brand new Handmade Snuffle Mats! Beat boredom and encourage your dog to sniff, snuffle and find their treats!

Multi-coloured fleece pieces are densely placed for more snuffley fun!

Just sprinkle your dog’s favourite small treats, or regular food, on the fleece and ruffle gently to bury them in the pile of the rug. Your dog then has to work at finding their treats by using their sniffing skills


Here’s Tommy and Molly in full snuffle-mode!

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG UNSUPERVISED. Pick the mat up off the floor after each use.

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The Hurtta Body Warmer

I absolutely love this Hurtta Body Warmer! It is such good quality. Designed primarily, for the muscle maintenance of active dog’s, by warming the muscles before exercise and providing extra warmth to dogs during outdoor walks in chilly weather. The body warmer’s material is a soft, flexible tricot fabric with a smooth inner surface and is commonly used as a technical sports material. It is a foil-like lining that reflects heat and stimulates blood circulation efficiently before and after training. It has an adjustable belt and collar cord. Reflectors on the seams make the dog more visible in the dark. This lightweight warmer is a perfect fit for winter walks for short-haired dogs and/or dogs with no undercoat that need the extra warmth. It is also useful in the muscle maintenance of elderly dogs, such as Molly, or those undergoing rehabilitation. Comes with a handy drawstring pouch to pop the warmer in once your dog has warmed up! 🙂
Limited sizes available.

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Our SALE continues!


Our SALE continues at: with some great bargains on some great products!

For example, the Guardian Adventure Dog Light was £13.00, now £9.00!

All Zogoflex toys are reduced, as are all Doodlebone leads, collars and harnesses!


For more great offers, take a look at our shop page today!


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Handmade Solid Oak Lead Hangers

We are so proud of our new Handcrafted Lead Hangers. Designed and Handmade by us here at Taking The Lead Dog Walking Supplies!

These Lead Hangers are a fun and practical way of storing your dogs’ leads, collars and coats!

Each unique hanger is crafted from Solid Oak. Some designs are mounted on a solid oak backboard with hooks either side. Others, have one large, heavy duty, anti-slip hook, especially for larger dogs’ collars, leads, harnesses etc.

Due to the nature of the wood, colours and grain may vary. Each hanger is individually handmade and so no two will be identical.

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Hurtta Padded Active Walking Harness


Look at Gorgeous George in his new Hurtta Harness! 🙂

This is what his mum had to say:

I’ve just used George’s new harness and collar for the first time this afternoon and love them both.  He likes to try and wiggle his way out of harnesses and failed with this one today as the material is strong and fits him well, it’s got padding for extra comfort too. Quality products”

Sturdy, padded harness for dogs on the move. Perfect for running, trekking, or just walking. Easy to dress, comfortable to wear. The adjustable neck and chest strap ensure a comfortable fit. Efficient 3M reflectors improve visibility in the dark. The back is equipped with a handle for better control of your dog in difficult places.

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Xtra Dog Fleece Lined Walking Harness

Look at Eddie in his brand new Xtra Dog Fleece Lined Harness! Here’s what his proud mum had to say about our service:

Wonderful service as always from taking the lead. Wendy brought me a number of dog harnesses to try on my awkwardly sized whippet and we got the perfect one! Great service, great products & great prices!”
Helen in Bacup.

There are many different harnesses on the market, some good and some not so good. Therefore, there is unlikely to be one brand that is perfect for every dog. However, the Xtra Dog harness offers many benefits to most dogs:
• Padded with luxury polar fleece providing comfort for your dog.
• Eleven sizes to choose from so there are sizes to fit most dogs.
• Additional front rings as standard, correctly positioned so that the harness can be used with 2 two points of contact, ideal for Tellington TTouch leading exercises and for teaching your dog to walk in their natural balance.
• O-rings rather than D-rings, to lessen wear and tear from on the webbing.
• Hand-made in the UK

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Dog Friendly/Warning Collars

We had a terrific response to our display of Dexil Dog Warning Collars and Leads at the Trawden Show on Sunday (13.08.17). Fantastic to know that more people are becoming aware of these. They are simple, brightly coloured and display a clear message to other dog owners. For more information visit Taking The Lead online shop at

Are you frustrated with people judging your dog just because of their breed, when in fact they have nothing to worry about?

Do you have a dog that isn’t good with children or adults and you need to let others know in advance?

Or maybe you have a dog that is not good with other dogs, yet other dogs come running up to your dog?

There are many more dog situations that cause problems and can be helped with a simple item.

Using a simplistic traffic light colour coded system, many of these accidents and incidents can be avoided. These leads and collars  are visible from a distance to warn others in advance, and have large embroidered writing on in addition so there is no confusion. They are very high quality and made from the best materials available.


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Being The “Office Dog”

Molly isn’t actually the “Office Dog”, she is our beautiful, beloved pet. However, she does maintain that it is a very important job, this product testing! It is an extremely demanding role and has to be taken very seriously! You have to be sure you get it right and so have to keep sampling! Ha ha!